How Holistic Drug Treatments Are Different From Traditional Treatment

Holistic vs Traditional Drug Rehab

There are differences between all drug treatment centers but the difference between a holistic drug treatment and a traditional treatment center vary greatly. Holistic drug treatments are a newer approach to treating drug addiction and alcoholism but this doesn’t mean they are any less effective than traditional treatment; in fact holistic drug treatments may be more effective in treating drug addiction and alcoholism.

So how are holistic drug treatments different from traditional treatment? Let’s look at holistic drug treatment first.

Holistic drug treatment is extremely beneficial for addicts and alcoholics. Most people don’t understand exactly what the word holistic means especially in reference to drug treatment. Most people usually know what kind of practices are under the category of holistic such as acupuncture or yoga. Although, they don’t really know why these are called holistic and how it applies to the addict and alcoholic. Holistic by the exact definition or in medical terms is relating to the medical consideration of the whole person, physically and psychologically in the treatment of a disease. It’s a wellness approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit or the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual aspects of an individual. Holistic drug treatment is therefore focused on a person’s entire being and not just the physical or mental, but the entire make up of who they are. This is how holistic drug treatment is different from traditional treatment. Another way holistic drug treatment is different than traditional drug treatment is the treatment methods, therapies and activities it uses.  A few of the practices that are included in holistic drug treatment are but are not limited to:

•             Aromatherapy

•             Ayurveda medicine

•             Natural diet

•             Exercise

•             counseling

•             Herbal remedies

•             Homeopathy

•             Acupuncture

•             Naturopathic medicine

•             Bodywork

•             Energy-based therapies

•             Prayerful intention

•             Chinese medicine

For those of with the disease of alcoholism and addiction a holistic drug treatment is almost essential to their overall health. Alcoholism and addiction are a physical, spiritual, and psychological disease, meaning it pertains to the body and the mind. So a holistic approach that tackles the human being as a whole instead of in parts really benefits those affected.

Traditional treatment follows the guidelines of modern medicine with therapies and medicine. While this is an approach that can work it is also how holistic drug treatment and traditional drug treatment are very different. Traditional drug treatment follows the same kind of simplicity as modern medicine does. You break a bone they put a cast on it. You get sick they prescribe antibiotics. The same goes for traditional drug treatment’s approach, you have the disease of addiction and they treat it with what works medicine and therapy. And traditional drug treatment does work but a lot can be said for holistic drug treatment and their approach to the disease of alcoholism and addiction.

Either way it all depends on the person attending drug treatment and what they want out of their experience. There are some pretty big differences between holistic drug treatment and traditional drug treatment though it’s just a matter of everyone finding what is right for them and what works especially.


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