Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses plant materials such as essential oils and other aromatic properties to alter a person’s mind or mood; it may even be used for healing. Aromatherapy started back in ancient history and has been around since. Smell is one the strongest senses and is tied to mood, emotions, and memory.


Aromatherapy has the ability to holistically heal someone with multiple mood disorders, mental health issues or diseases. Depending on what kind of aromatherapy is being utilized has different healing properties on the person. For instance lavender is used in the treatment of sleeping disorders and anxiety. The reason for this is because lavender used in aromatherapy has a relaxing effect. When the smells of lavender are inhaled it has a rapid calming effect. Rose has a kind of an opposite effect and is especially good for the addict and alcoholic who may just have gotten out of detox because it rejuvenates and instills mental clarity.


Aromatherapy would be in the class of holistic treatments. Holistic which means to treat the whole instead of just the separate parts. Holistic treatments such as aromatherapy treat more than the physical, mental and spiritual separately.  Aromatherapy can have a lasting effect for those clients that are seriously struggling with some kind of disorder along with the disease of alcoholism and addiction. It can, without the use of medication or any kind of narcotic drug relieve a lot of the symptoms they may be experiencing due to just recently detoxing or a mental health issue.


Aromatherapy is a beautiful practice that has been around since ancient times for a reason. We still use aromatherapy in our homes today. With candles that are sold smelling like homemade cookies, or even lavender; it all makes us “feel” a certain way. The smell of homemade cookies may give someone a sense of comfort and warmth while as said earlier lavender instills a sense of relaxation and calm. Without really knowing it and without intention most of us use aromatherapy every day. Now imagine what aromatherapy with intention can do for the alcoholic or addict that is still suffering from their disease along with a mental health issue. They can start to heal and start to use this holistic practice as a solution instead of running to a doctor for a pill or an instant fix.


Aromatherapy is one of those healing practices that we never really knew had so much power until we tried it with intention. That is why a lot of holistic treatment centers offer aromatherapy as one of their approaches to healing because its something that has been proven to work and its something that can change someone’s emotions, feelings and mental state with just a few short breaths.


Aromatherapy ranges as far as the aroma charts go. Anything you can smell has this effect it’s just a matter of how you utilize it.