What is Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment?

Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment

What is Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment?

Holistic medicine is a popular trend in our country. As more and more people seek treatment for substance abuse, more and more treatment programs are expanding their programs to include holistic practices. Holistic substance abuse treatment has been shown to be very effective, with studies reporting that people were three times as likely to stay sober when they attend a treatment program that incorporates at least one holistic practice.

Holistic substance abuse treatment addresses the whole person, including thought processes, methods, and reasons for substance abuse, rather than just the physical dependency. Holistic addiction treatment has been proven effective because addiction is a multifaceted disease. Addiction affects the all aspects of life. To truly address all the causes and everything that has been affected by the disease, a holistic approach is crucial.

What is Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment? Physical

Holistic substance abuse treatment uses many methods to help an addict or alcoholic to recover and live a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. For the physical substance abuse, holistic substance abuse treatment includes detoxing the body from the drugs and alcohol, and then helping the body heal from the damage that was done during active substance abuse. Healing the body can include things like yoga, healthy food, massage therapy, meditation and acupuncture. These processes can also help relieve pain for people who began to use drugs and alcohol to relieve chronic pain conditions.

What is Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment? Mental

Holistic substance abuse treatment also helps an addict or alcoholic recover psychologically. Many drug addicts and alcoholics have psychological issues that caused them to drink or use drugs in the first place. It is common for a drug addict or alcoholic to have experience some type of trauma in their past. Many alcoholics and drug addicts find that they were in great emotional and psychological pain before they enter into holistic substance abuse treatment. Psychological issues are addressed with group and individual therapy sessions.

What is Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment? Spiritual

Holistic substance abuse treatment centers also address the spiritual aspect of the disease of substance abuse. Through practices like yoga and meditation, drug addicts and alcoholics can address the “spiritual malady” that is the hallmark of this disease. Often, in active addiction, addicts and alcoholics are completely cut off from any kind of spirituality or adherence to spiritual principles such as honesty, open-mindedness, willingness, and helping others. Interacting within the community at a holistic substance abuse treatment center can help us to practice these principles.

When we attend holistic substance abuse treatment, we learn that drugs and alcohol are not the problem. Drugs and alcohol were the solution to our problems, so when they are taken away, we must learn other ways to solve our issues. Holistic substance abuse treatment addresses all the aspects of ourselves and our lives that have been affected by this disease. Only by addressing all the causes and all the damage caused by this disease can we truly hope to recover. A holistic substance abuse treatment center gives us the tools we need to treat our substance abuse and to live a happy, productive and drug free life.