Daily Activities Holistic Drug Rehab

Daily Activities Holistic Drug Rehab

Daily Activities Holistic Drug Rehab   

The daily activities at a holistic drug rehab are a bit different than at a traditional drug rehab. Holistic means to treat the whole person as a one instead of treating it in separate parts. This means that the daily activities at a holistic drug rehab are activities that help the overall well-being of each individual. Here are some of the daily activities at a holistic drug rehab that really separates it from the traditional drug treatment that is available today.


Drug rehab is about providing therapy for the person who has been addicted to drugs and alcohol and there is not a therapy that is older or more widely used than massage. Like other parts of holistic drug rehab massage helps to ease the physical pain associated with drug withdrawal symptoms while also providing a sense of peace and calm that helps the mind to focus on something other than drugs. Which is the whole point of attending a drug rehab right? Massage is definitely part of the daily activities at a holistic drug rehab.


Yoga is all about achieving balance and self-awareness. Through the physical act of yoga, the person practicing can achieve clarity while also a peace of mind and better physical health. Clarity gives someone at drug rehab the ability to see their drug addiction from a new perspective. Increased awareness gives those individuals with an addiction the ability to be more receptive to more medical and therapeutic practices. Yoga as a source of physical exercise works wonders too. The better physical health of someone struggling with addiction the better their chances will be of recovering for a life time. This is why most holistic drug rehabs will offer a gym as part of their daily activities too.


Meditation is the process of finding a deep state of relaxation. This is imperative in holistic drug rehab because addicts and alcoholics tend to be very stressed and anxious during their rehabilitation. Meditation provides a way for recovering addicts to block out all the negative thoughts and behaviors and influences associated with drug use so they can focus on the positive things such as their recovery.


Acupuncture may use needles but they are very small and when placed around the body they can give amazing relief. Once of the best aspects of holistic drug rehab is the fact that it uses natural remedies for problems. Acupuncture provides soothing and healing when applied by a professional. Acupuncture has been known to reduce drug withdrawal symptoms and to help with blood flow issues, solve headache and back problems and more. Acupuncture is a great holistic remedy for pain and anxiety.

All of the daily activities at holistic drug rehab can end up having a profound effect on an individual. For a lot of people who attend a holistic drug rehab they take yoga, meditation, and acupuncture and use them as healthy replacements for the drugs they were using. They begin to create new habits. This is why holistic medicine is so great and why these daily activities at a holistic drug rehab are so invaluable. They literally can give someone the ability to change their lifestyle inside and outside of holistic drug treatment.

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How to Massage

How to Massage

By Jenny Hunt

February 16, 2012

Massage therapy has been utilized since the beginning of medicine to treat various conditions. Massage therapy reduces pain, soothes tired muscles, and reduces inflammation. Medical research has shown that massage therapy releases endorphins and can improve the outcomes of people suffering from depression and addiction. Massage has even been shown to reduce blood pressure and anxiety.

Many people are interested in learning how to massage at home. With a few tools and techniques, anyone can give a great massage in the comfort of their own home.

The first step in learning how to massage is learning how to prepare the environment for the massage. You should choose a quiet room, free of distractions. The room should be a comfortable temperature without drafts. Dimming the lights and putting on soothing music can also add to the experience.

The second step in learning how to massage is having the necessary tools for the massage. You should have the person you are massaging lie down on a firm mattress or a futon if possible. If you don’t have a firm mattress or futon, the person can sit in a chair backwards so that you have access to their back and neck. The second most important tool you will need in learning how to massage is good massage oil. Some massage oils leave you feeling too greasy, others are unpleasant smelling and can ruin the massage. Worse yet, certain massage oils can irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction. Sweet almond oil is a favorite among massage therapists. It is reasonably priced and usually does not irritate the skin. Other popular massage oils include jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, and sunflower oil.

When people want to learn how to massage at home, they are most interested in the actual massage techniques. When you begin the massage, you should target large muscle groups like the shoulders, neck, back and legs. This way you are relieving damage, but avoiding the possibility of doing any damage. When you are first learning how to massage, you should make sure the person you are massaging tells you if they feel any pain or if the pressure is too intense. For the maximum effect, begin with the shoulders and work down the arms. Then target the upper back, lower back and legs; all the way down to the feet.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they don’t know how to massage is massaging only with their thumbs. This can put a lot of strain on those muscles. To avoid an injury, incorporate the heel of your hand, your fist, and even your elbow into the massage. You may want to start with soft, fluid strokes with the palm of your hand and then move on to more intense massaging techniques.

The circling hand technique is a great method to try when learning how to massage. Your right hand should be perpendicular to her spine with your fingers pointing to her left. Make counterclockwise semicircular motion with your fingers always pointing in the same direction. Once you’ve gone a few inches, have your left hand take over.

Once you know how to massage, you can surprise your partner with your skill. Massage increases the bond between two people, enhances intimacy, and feels great