Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is also known as naturopathy. The word naturopathy is derived from the Greek and Latin word which literally translates as “nature disease”.  Naturopathic medicine is a type of alternative treatment based on the belief of what is known as vitalism. Vitalism believes in a special energy called vital energy or vital force which guides the body’s processes such as metabolism, growth, reproduction and adaptation. Naturopathic medicine is along the lines of a holistic treatment because it is non-invasive and encourages little use of surgery and drugs.

Naturopathic medicine is practiced in multiple countries. Naturopathic medicine is primarily practiced in the United States and Canada. It is continually subject to different standards of regulation and levels of acceptance. Naturopathic medicine is criticized for its reliance on unproven, disproven, and controversial alternative medical treatments. Especially, for its belief in vitalism and vitalistic undertones naturopathic medicine is laughed at. To some people naturopathic medicine is considered pseudoscience or quackery. Really the main difference is that naturopathic medicine uses natural methods while saying modern science uses synthetic or artificial ones. Any treatment is capable of helping an individual get better but may also have different side effects.

Naturopathic medicine is focused on naturally-occurring substances, minimally-invasive methods and encourages natural healing. Naturopathic medicine also emphasizes prevention through stress reduction techniques, a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. The use of pharmaceutical drugs, radiation and surgery are not recommended by naturopathic medicine.

Naturopathic medicine includes six core values. Multiple different versions of these six core values are within the doctor’s oath when beginning to practice naturopathic medicine. Here are the six core values of naturopathic medicine:

  1. Do not harm. Provide the most effective health care available with the least risk to patients at all times.
  2. Recognize, respect, and promote the self-healing power of nature that is inherently in each individual human being.
  3. Identify and remove the causes of illness, rather than eliminate or suppress symptoms.
  4. Educate, inspire rational hope and encourage self-responsibility for health
  5. Treat each person by considering all individual health factors and influences
  6. Emphasize the condition of health to promote well-being and to prevent diseases for the individual, the community, and the world.

Naturopathic medicine uses a wide variety of treatments while staying focused on natural self-healing rather than any one specific method of treatment. Some of the treatment methods used in naturopathic medicine relies on “vital energy fields”-which have yet to be proven to exist. The effectiveness of naturopathic medicine has yet to be evaluated and the efficacy of treatment methods varies greatly.

Some of the treatment methods used in naturopathic medicine are:

  • Acupuncture
  • Kinesiology
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Color Therapy
  • Colonic Enemas
  • Hair analysis
  • Homeopathy
  • Wholefood diet
  • Fasting
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Stress Management

This does not include all the different treatment methods by naturopathic medicine. The main rule for naturopathic medicine is to neither prescribe nor undertake in the use of drugs, serums, potions, surgery or disease specific treatments or in other words practice conventional medicine. The belief in naturopathic medicine is that the body can naturally heal itself.




Naturopathy is an alternative medicine or holistic approach to healing based on the belief of vitalism. Vitalism is the belief that a special energy called ‘vital energy’ guides bodily processes such as our metabolism, reproduction, growth, and adaptation. This naturopathic medicine is defined by principles rather than by methods or modalities. Therefore the main focus of naturopathy is to honor the body’s innate wisdom to heal itself.


Naturopathic medicine uses a wide variety of treatments focusing on self-healing. The naturopathy type of holistic healing looks at lifestyle, medical history, emotional tone, and physical features of a person. It could begin with a physical exam if it is found necessary. Through this, naturopathy will create lifestyle changes and approaches that support the body’s innate healing potential. In order to do this naturopathy will use multiple different holistic approaches for healing. One of the main treatments naturopathic medicine uses is a nature cure. Nature cures is based on exposure to the natural elements such as fresh air, sunshine, and water. Spending time out in nature.


Now that we know a little bit about naturopathic medicine its good to ask how this can apply for the addict and the alcoholic. From what its known about the disease of alcoholism and addiction it is spiritual along with mental and physical. The disease consists of a mental obsession, and physical allergy and a spiritual malady. Looking at this model of the disease of alcoholism and addiction, naturopathy is a perfect medicine for the treatment of drinking and drug abuse. Many times addicts and alcoholics want an instant fix that includes some kind of pill. They want the instant pills for happiness, calmness, sleepiness, aches, pains and more. Naturopathic medicine treats all this by using the power of one’s own body and mind through what is already available to us naturally.


Through eating differently, exercise and spending time outdoors; naturopathy includes that which has been essential to staying healthy since the beginning of time. Going back to this for a form of innate healing due to the body itself is kind of incredible. It’s seen that this form of healing is mentioned as far back as the days of Hippocrates that is the time period of ancient Greece. These basic fundamentals that naturopathy have taken hold of have been a part of our daily lives for many years now, it’s just a matter of utilizing them.


For the addict and alcoholic this may give relief to many who haven’t been able to find relief through any other type of medicine. It is also a perfect alternative for those who cannot take narcotic drugs to try and fix their physical or mental issues. This type of holistic approach also focuses on the spiritual aspect with the alignments of ‘energy’ in the sense of life force. This is something that addicts and alcoholics were most definitely missing. Naturopathy is something that everyone can practice at any time its just a matter of trying to live a more healthy and holistic lifestyle instead of looking to modern medicine to fix all our problems for us.